Scarlet Disdain

Project Type: Promotional Website Design for Scarlet Disdain: The Bolivian Firecracker Project Date: 2024 Project Description: In collaboration with the incomparable Scarlet Disdain, Fire Lotus Creative embarks on a thrilling journey to encapsulate the electrifying essence of the Bolivian Firecracker. With a career spanning over three decades and performances that have dazzled audiences worldwide, Scarlet […]

Rosita Rebelde

Project Type: Website Design + E-Commerce for Burlesque Performer Project Date: 2023 Project Description: We had the pleasure of working with the enchanting Rosita Rebelde to create a captivating online space. The website features her upcoming shows, a captivating biography, and a mesmerizing photo gallery. Additionally, fans can explore and purchase exclusive Rosita Rebelde merchandise, […]

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