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Project Overview

Project Type: Website Design and Development, Technical Support

Project Date: 2023

Project Description:

In the summer of 2023, our team embarked on an exciting project in collaboration with Elaine A. Thompson, a vital member of the team and the wife of Dr. Dirk Thompson, to design and launch their website. Modern Dentistry Calgary, a prominent dental office in Calgary, is committed to delivering modern dentistry that encompasses the latest in technology and reputable dental materials, ensuring both beautiful and functional results. However, their vision extends beyond technology and materials. To Dr. Dirk Thompson, Elaine, and the entire Calgary dentist team, modern dentistry means providing an exceptional experience to patients from the moment they walk into the office. This experience includes warmth, respect for time and budget, information sharing, a no-pressure, no-judgment atmosphere, going the extra mile, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Our Role:

Our collaboration with was a true partnership, with a focus on bringing their vision to life and creating a website that reflected their commitment to modern dentistry and an exceptional patient experience. Here are the key aspects of our role:

  1. Website Design:
    • Vision Realization: We worked closely with Elaine and the Modern Dentistry Calgary team to translate their vision into a website design. The design emphasized a modern and welcoming aesthetic to align with the office’s commitment to patient comfort and care.
    • User Experience: User-friendly design elements were incorporated to ensure that visitors could easily find information about the services, patient experience, and team.
  2. Collaboration and Vision Realization:
    • Our team collaborated closely with Elaine throughout the project, ensuring that every aspect of their vision was incorporated into the website. This included messaging, branding, and the overall look and feel of the site.
  3. Launch and Implementation:
    • We were responsible for launching the website, ensuring that it was fully functional and ready to serve as an online platform for Modern Dentistry Calgary.

Project Outcome:

The Calgary Dentist website, launched in the summer of 2023, effectively embodies the client’s vision for modern dentistry and an exceptional patient experience, with Elaine playing an integral role in the collaboration. The website serves as an inviting and informative platform for visitors, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the services offered and the commitment of the Calgary dentist team to patient care.

Technologies Used:

  • WordPress
  • Elementor
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

This project represents a true collaboration between our team and Modern Dentistry Calgary, with Elaine A. Thompson playing a crucial role in the process. The result is a website that authentically reflects the client’s commitment to modern dentistry and an exceptional patient experience. It’s a testament to our ability to work closely with clients and their teams to bring their vision to life.

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