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Project Overview

Project Type: Website Design and Development

Project Date: 2018, New Design coming in 2023

Project Description:

Technika Engineering is a prominent provider of innovative engineering solutions committed to enhancing the effective implementation and ensuring efficient and reliable operations of engineered facilities. They prioritize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, aiming to minimize the environmental footprint of operating facilities. Based in Canada, Technika offers high-quality engineering services to clients across the globe.

Our Role:

In the initial Technika Engineering project, our role involved website design. Currently, we are working on a design refreshment for the website.

  1. Website Design (2018):
    • We designed the original Technika Engineering website in 2018, creating a platform that effectively represented their engineering services and commitment to environmental sustainability.
  2. Design Refreshment (Ongoing):
    • We are currently in the process of refreshing the website’s design to ensure it aligns with the latest design trends and provides an up-to-date representation of Technika Engineering’s services.

Project Outcome:

The initial Technika Engineering website, launched in 2018, effectively showcased the company’s innovative engineering solutions and dedication to environmental sustainability. The ongoing design refreshment aims to provide a more contemporary and engaging online presence for Technika Engineering, ensuring it continues to reflect their commitment to excellence.

Technologies Used:

  • WordPress
  • Elementor
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

This project highlights our capacity to create websites that effectively communicate a company’s mission and values. Technika Engineering will soon have an updated website that maintains their commitment to innovation and sustainability while providing an enhanced user experience.

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