Steel Guards

Project Type: E-Commerce Website Development Project Date: 2023 Project Description: Steel Guards is a subsidiary of Another Dimension Custom Stainless, a company renowned for fabricating high-end metal and stainless steel products for architectural, commercial, and residential projects across Canada since 2007. The website,, is dedicated to providing top-notch steel products to customers, leveraging highly […]

Pinwheel Lures

Project Type: E-Commerce, Website Design and Hosting Project Date: 2022 Project Description: In 2022, we collaborated with Pinwheel Lures to create their e-commerce website. Pinwheel Lures is a product of innovation, born from 55 years of fishing experience and Darrell Ellis’s deep knowledge of bait fish. Darrell’s expertise led to the design of fishing lures […]

Sarah’s Cookie Jar

Project Type: Shopify E-Commerce Development Project Date: 2022 Project Description: In 2022, we collaborated with Sarah’s Cookie Jar to develop their Shopify e-commerce website. Sarah is a self-proclaimed cookie connoisseur who has been perfecting her gourmet and generously-sized cookies for years. Her journey began during quarantine when she started baking cookies at her parents’ shop, […]

Palmaris Puzzles

Project Type: E-Commerce, Website Design, and Video Production Project Date: 2022 Project Description: Palmaris Puzzles is a renowned brand specializing in high-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles. With custom artwork and unique shapes, these puzzles provide an engaging and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional jigsaw puzzles. Palmaris Puzzles is dedicated to offering an innovative and enjoyable […]

Sloth Cloth Design

Project Type: Website Design and Development, E-commerce, Marketing Project Date: 2022 Project Description: Sloth Cloth Design is an internal project of Fire Lotus Creative, your web business for this portfolio. It is an e-commerce website designed to offer clothing and various miscellaneous items. The ethos behind Sloth Cloth Design is simple: “Live Slow, Wear Whatever.” […]

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