One way of taking your brand to the next level is with an exciting logo animation. For any and all video content, you can brand your stuff with a short and sweet branding reveal that will add to the overall experience in a very positive and professional way.

Fire Lotus Creative can work with 3rd-party plugins and extensions to create truly unique animations and bring your brand to life in a way never though possible.

Fire Lotus Creative have been a part of major video productions with a full crew

We can offer video recording services along with the full post-production services of editing and compositing.

Video Shooting
Editing &


Fire Lotus Creative can help turn your old VHS and DVD’s into easy-to-work-with web video formats such as MP4 or WEBM. We can also optimize and compress any video format to another desired video format, for example, We can turn AVI or WMV to MP4.

We also have software that can extract audio and video from other lesser common file types. Feel free to reach out to me with your video conversion needs and We are sure we have a digital solution.

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